Quick Shortcuts from Start / Run

I discovered a new set of shortcuts for Windows today. It turns out (from Windows 10 at least) that you can type shell:SPECIAL_FOLDER to quickly launch that folder.

For example:

  • shell:desktop opens the Desktop
  • shell:fonts opens the Fonts folder
  • shell:onedrive opens the OneDrive folders
  • shell:PrintersFolder opens the Printers folder
  • shell:screenshots opens the folder where Windows screenshots are stored (Win + PrtScn)

For a full list of what special folders are available on your Windows system, you can run this command from a PowerShell window, which interrogates the relevant part of the register for named special folders:

Get-ChildItem HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FolderDescriptions\ | Get-ItemProperty | Select-Object Name | Sort-Object Name  

Some of these folders are otherwise somewhat difficult to get to - while Cortana can quickly navigate you to some, there's always a risk on a system that's not yours that another app will appear higher in the pecking order. Anyway, I thought this was cool - particularly because I love coming across these kinds of somewhat-undocumented secrets...